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Family Education Foundation Services Concert

Corporate Social Responsibility remains our major focus at OBS. We have always treated the society in which we operate as an important part of our existence. Our focus remains responsibility in giving back to the community through our moral, financial and physical efforts. We work continuously towards making a sustainable difference in our communities and the lives of the people in them.

In 2012, we will look to build a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy making them more inclusive (i.e. with the active participation of our employees) and more effective.

We will focus on supporting the following areas:

  • Education for Underprivileged Children
  • Community Development
  • Healthcare Services for patients who cannot afford its access
  • Natural Disaster Affected

As our first CSR project of 2012 we sponsored the annual concert organized by the Family Educational Services Foundation for underprivileged and physically challenged students. The concert is an annual event of FESF to enhance the awareness of the cause and provide recreation to the children. This year the event was organized on the 29th Feb 2012 at the PAF museum which was attended by over 5000 children. They were entertained by stars like Fakhir, Saleem Javed and Heartbeat through their electrifying performance. The children also received snacks and goody bags and enjoyed the four hour event thoroughly.

A group of 14 volunteers from OBS were present at the event and actively helped the organizers manage the event. Mrs. Adeela Tarek, Senior Director OBS group also was present at the occasion to motivate the volunteers and support the cause.

The presence of the volunteer team of OBS was to also increase the awareness of our employees and provide them exposure of volunteer work and CSR projects. The group was a mix of our senior management and junior staff who were instrumental in making the event successful by providing support to the organizer.

Our presence in the concert as an organization and the zeal and enthusiasm shown by our employees as volunteer at the event re-affirms that we at OBS are focused in making valuable contributions to the society through various CSR events platform.