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Safai se Sehat

The OBS Group’s guiding principal in business remains being a responsible organization that ensures it makes a difference in the lives of the community members where they operate. The Group endeavors to proactively understand the needs and concerns of its members and make a meaningful contribution through their organizational resources and abilities for their sustainable development and growth.

Aspin Pharma, an OBS Group Company believes in preventing widespread diseases by education, empowerment and health promotion at various levels. In order to promote this, we initiated a public awareness campaign called “Safai se Sehat” in collaboration with The Citizens’ Foundation. This initiative took off in early 2017 and since then is an ongoing project to create health and hygiene awareness for the underprivileged segment of our society. In this regard, another activity was successfully executed on the January 11, 2018 at TCF School – Khuda Ki Basti, Karachi.

The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) has been making considerable difference in the peoples’ lives by educating the children of our country who otherwise would not have had access to quality education due to the low priority of our government on education.

The Objectives for this program were as follows:

  • Personal hygiene tips for children
  • Health and hygiene education
  • Awareness of disease and its transmission
  • Prevention

The session was conducted separately for Primary and Secondary morning sections where approximately 800 students were in attendance. Two kinds of presentations were presented. For secondary sections, the program started with the classification of worms, its major types, and then defined causes of Intestinal Helminthes Infection where risk factors, disease transmission and prevention were also highlighted. For primary sections a story was presented, classified by different characters of worms with important messages on hygiene awareness.

At the end, giveaways comprising of coloring books which were full of fun characters and hygiene related messages, color pencils and juice boxes were distributed to the children.