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At Aspin Pharma, we understand the importance of our human capital in differentiating us from our competitors. Therefore, we believe in hiring the best talent, extensively invest in their development, and ensure their long term retention for sustainable business success. Our business model ensures that our employees are presented with continued challenging assignments which provides them on-going professional development and opportunities for career advancement. We offer an empowering environment where employees are encouraged to be creative and rewarded to do things well differently. Our focus is to build integration and synergy across the various functions and we look to find ideas and innovation in every corner of the institution.

Why work at Aspin Pharma?


Be part of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the industry


Working at Aspin Pharma is an opportunity to grow both personally & professionally


A rich work environment with amazing colleagues


Gain achievements and experience working in the industry

Inclusion & Diversity

We embrace the diversity of every employee through an inclusive and accountable culture.

At Aspin Pharma, inclusion and diversity are embedded in our core values and are key drivers of our success. Our innovation is enhanced by our ability to draw from a wealth of different backgrounds and experiences.

Our Culture

Aspin Pharma promotes a culture of continuous learning & development through strong team work and synergy. At Aspin Pharma, we believe in a culture of trust, collaboration, respect and learning.

People Development

We strongly believe that people who work for us are the key drivers of success for the business and are the most important asset for any organization. Therefore, we regularly invest in the training and development of our human resources through both internal and external development programs.

Our Four Stages of Recruitment Process



We review applications to screen for a variety of criteria


Screening Interview

HR conducts one on one interviews to shortlist the most promising candidates


Second Interview

Shortlisted candidates are then called in for final interviews with the respective HOD’s who can gauge the technical capabilities



We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best fit for the role