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JANTOVIA-M XR LAUNCH 1-3 Dec’19, Elites Hotel Nathiagali

Another feather in the hat… Aspin Pharma launched an Anti-Diabetic combination of DPPIVi & Metformin in Extended Release with the name Jantovia-M XR in its Cardiometabolic team. The product with its many unique features such as control, compliance and tolerability is introduced as per the Innovators specification. It is the only oral anti-diabetic in Pakistan available in bottle packaging offering benefits beyond glycemic management.

The 3-day launch and training meeting held from 1-3 of Dec’19, 2410m above ground at Elites Hotel, Nathiagali. The first day started with team check in, gathering and preparation of the event

Day 2 started off with the leader’s vision, Dr. Asad Abbas (Sr. Commercial Director) shared his views and experience. He mentioned his utmost trust in the team that raised the teams moral high. Ghulam Abbas (Business Unit Head) next shared his analysis of the market and the launching brand along with management expectation from team Griffins. The rest of the day was filled with medical training conducted by Dania Ansari (Asst. Manager Medical Affairs) who took the team on a ride starting from the basic concept to the end covering anatomy of human body, focusing on endocrine system and diabetes. Sara Iqbal (Sr. Product Manager) responsible for launching product marketing strategies then explained the mode of action of the product, its key features and major clinical trials. The meeting continued with discussion of Anti-diabetic market, opportunities, dynamics and competitor analysis leading to brand launch month activities and marketing campaigns.

The next day started early with a detailed quiz to gauge the scientific as well as market knowledge of the sales team. Muhammad Sajjad (National Sales Manager) gave a presentation on Strategies how to excel in sales. Sr.PM and NSM unveiled the most awaited announcement of Product Incentive Policy. The surprise was the unique kind incentive giving everyone a chance to become a winner. Detailing competition was conducted with NSM as doctor and SPM and AM Medical Affairs as Judges. Continuing to group photo and unveiling of product theme with curtain raising and cold fireworks. Launch cake was cut by Sr. Comm Director, BUH, Sr. PM, NSM and AM MA along with the complete sales team.

The day closed with remarks by Sr. Comm. Director who appreciated efforts of all the team members. He praised product manager’s effort in making the event flawless and effective and managing the arrangement beautifully. He showed his confidence in the leadership of NSM and BUH guidance. He also thanked AM MA for her efforts in equipping the sales team with the medical knowledge that they will help them shine in the field.

The launch event was thrilling, the team went home full of enthusiasm and commitment to make the brand an identification of glory for team Griffins and Aspin Pharma.