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Ondaset Launch (New Product)

Compliance is vital; especially in the treatments like nausea and vomiting. One way to improve compliance is through an improvement in patient convenience. Health care leaders are focused more than ever on patient engagement and compliance as a key to improving outcomes.

As a result of these considerations, Aspin Pharma recently launched a new product Ondaset which provides relief from nausea and vomiting and gives convenience to patients. Aspin Pharma feels pride in bringing this product with a wide range of strengths.

We launched the product on a regional level in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The day began with a warm welcome of sales teams followed by a message from Group Managing Director, Mrs. Adeela Tarek. She congratulated the team on the launch of Ondaset and shared plans of Aspin Pharma and her vision to be in the top 20 National pharmaceutical companies in the coming years.

Medical training was conducted for the disease knowledge, after which the Marketing team discussed the current market, strategies, activities, and initiatives in detail. Later on, the Training department took the lead and discussed segment-wise Key Selling Messages with all team members and presented model detailing as well. A session on “Detailing skills” was conducted followed by Quiz competitions between team members to promote healthy competition and to have a better grip on the disease and product knowledge.

At last but not least, the Director of Sales & Marketing discussed the way forward of Aspin Pharma and focused on the need for hard work, consistency to achieve all the objectives.

The day ended with prize distribution among winners and champions of detailing and quiz and senior management wishing all the best to the team for having a successful launch.