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Re-launch of M-Span and Nexprazole

Leadership, and particularly Turnaround Leadership, is about defining a dream and binding all aspects of the organization to it. Eyeing future prospects, Aspin Pharma arranged Re-Launch and Training Sessions for two strategic brands of Organization, including M-Span (Cefixime) and Nexprazole (Esomeprazole) at regional level. Sessions were held in Islamabad from 6 – 7 February, 2020 and from 10 – 11 February, 2020 in Karachi. 

The agenda started with exchange of pleasantries between sales and marketing teams, after which Senior Commercial Director discussed strategic intent of Aspin Pharma and what organization wants to achieve in the long term. He emphasized on need of hard work, consistency and importance of discipline to achieve excellence in not only sales but in every walk of life. Senior Business Unit Manager laid stress on will to work hard that is the most important key to success. Without being willing to work hard and put everything into a venture, business success is nearly impossible. Our Marketing Manager motivated team by boosting their moral and declaring sales team as strength and DNA of Aspin Pharma.

A day-long Medical training was provided by our Medical Affairs Team. General Manager Medical Affairs gave an extensive training on Nexprazole where as Assistant Manager Medical Affairs coached the team on M-Span. Both of them educated the teams in detail about the basic medical terminologies, related to body systems & disease areas, key indications of brands and dosage schedule in different populations. They cleared queries and concepts of sales team and equipped them with better knowledge and confidence to develop a dialogue and make an impact.

Marketing strategies and execution of plan is inevitable to successful product Re-launch. Brand vision and market analysis of M-Span was briefed in detail by Senior Product Manager whereas competitor landscape and unique selling points of Nexprazole were discussed by our Group Product Manager. Two days session was concluded with final remarks by General Manager HR, where he shared the vision of organization and shed light on initiatives HR is taking to create conducive work environment.