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Shine Day 2019

“I listen and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”


Aspin Pharma not only believes and invests in enhancing people’s knowledge and skills but also promotes a culture of maximizing value of the training delivered through opportunities for practical hands-on application of the knowledge so that the learning is deeply rooted into the behaviors. This year at Aspin Pharma, a brilliant initiative of training every employee working at the Plant on “5S methodology of workplace organization” went a long way, when it was further strengthened with an initiative of celebrating “Shine Day” – a full day dedicated to cleaning and organizing workplaces to reduce waste and optimize productivity.

The event was not only an opportunity to promote the value of working in an uncluttered, safe and well-organized workplace but also provided an added advantage of team building and engagement with everyone being fully involved regardless of levels. The day started with a gathering on breakfast, followed by a brief on the purpose and plan of the day after which the teams were allowed to work on their own pace according to the requirements of their own work spaces.